Total Quality Management

You've chosen Optima - congratulations! - but, now what? Below is an outline of our Comercial Janitorial Services Total Quality Management Program. Elements include on-going communication with tenants and property management, emergency response, Optima's internal communications platform, and an overview of quality control metrics.

First things first...

  1. Walk-through and Discussion of Expectations – If a walk-through did not occur during the bidding process we would like to schedule a walk-through as well as go over the Scope of Services. We will inquire as to “current state” of the facility and your wish-list for the “future state.” This discussion will be the basis of mutual expectations and measurement of services. We can also use this time to review alarms, keys, or other requests that may be unique to your business as well as set up future site visits and walk-throughs to continue quality measurement.
  2. Employee Training with Facility-Specific Scope – The assigned Supervisor will train the employees through a step-by-step process by going through the Scope of Services, unique needs, and definition of tasks.
  3. Janitorial Services “Launch” – The first week after cleaning services and the contract begins we will check in to see how everything is going and make adjustments as necessary. From here you can expect informal and impromptu site visits from Supervisors, on-going communication with the Management team, and business as normal.

On-Going Communication

Optima commits to responding to tenant and property management inquiries with a 48 hour time period, unless other proactive communication has been issued (for example, in the event of Management or Supervisor paid time off, vacation, or company recognized holiday). Typically we respond same day, however as you are aware there are some matters that require urgent attention and we have to be flexible for all customers. We do see emails on the day they are received and listen to voicemails same day as well.

Every customer is different and your method of communication is priority. Some clients prefer email, others the phone, and even others send texts and pictures via their personal mobile phones. Further, some of our clients have their own communication platform which we subscribe and respond to or within.

Please refer to the Optima Team Contact Information Sheet for Management, Supervisor, Service, and Billing contact information.

Emergency Response

Sometimes a proactive approach cannot solve all needs and emergency or urgent situations arise.  Should you have an emergency or are in dire need of same day service please contact Adolfo Mendoza via email, voicemail (if at first there is no pick-up), and if you feel the need: a text as well. You can also contact your assigned Supervisor.

To date there has not been an emergency need unattended to within the timeframe specified that services were needed. We’ve got your back – please keep us in the loop!

Optima Internal Communication

Optima’s internal communication spans a variety of platforms, including the previously mentioned email, phone, etc., but also includes the project management cloud software Slack. We share customer updates, needs, pictures, and other issues in this one-stop platform that is backed up through the cloud.

Management meetings occur on a weekly and as-needed basis to discuss changes to accounts, one-off requests, and review employee performance.

Quality Control

When we initially sign a contract Optima will ask what your preferred schedule is for formal walk-throughs (annually, bi-annually, quarterly etc.).  In addition, Supervisor’s do impromptu walk-throughs on a random and impromptu basis to ensure quality control and report findings back to Management. If adjustments are needed in the service we typically report this back to you.

Event Support

Some of our customers have events that pop up during any given season – if you happen to know what the calendar is ahead of time this gives us the ability to forecast and provide the right resources. We ask that you give us 7 days notification and, if we are given a calendar, we reach out 10-14 days prior to discuss unless the event is already scheduled.